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Our Community Is Your Community.

Our Community

We're a family restaurant. And, we believe our family is every member of every community that has a Texas Roadhouse.

It is important to give back to the communities that are so much a part of Texas Roadhouse.  That means playing an active role in the events that shape the lives of the people we live and work with. That's why you're likely to see Andy the Armadillo at your local little league game or reading to the children in your local schools. That's also why you'll see our Roadies both in the restaurant and out in the community supporting your local charitable organizations, schools, and fundraisers.

Here are a few of the exciting events we've been involved in recently:


  • Veteran's Day 2013

    On Veterans Day, we at Texas Roadhouse showed our appreciation to over 150,000 veterans and active military by presenting them with a free meal. We couldn’t have been more honored to provide $1.36 million in free meals!  At some stores we decorated the tables, at some we made special shirts, we decorated both inside and outside and handed out flags—all finding ways to make veterans and their guests feel special. It was a busy day; but it was also a very special day for our guests, as well as our employees. The excerpts below are just a few of the many, many stories we received from our restaurants and the thank yous we received from our guests.

    From our Kirkwood, Missouri Roadhouse…

     A local Veteran was asked to sing the National Anthem at noon and again at 6pm. As he began singing in front of the American flag the restaurant went silent- all guests were on their feet, hand over heart. This experience was indescribable.

     As they were leaving, two guests approached the host stand, handed the hostess a Texas Roadhouse gift card and asked that it be given to the Veteran sitting at the table across from them. They didn’t want to leave a note or be recognized; they just wanted to say “Thank You.”

    From Craig who wrote to us through the Contact Us form on the website…

     I would just like to thank Texas Roadhouse for recognizing veterans this past Veteran's Day. I was discharged from the Navy in 1969 and this is the first time that veterans have been recognized. The meal that I was given along with the service was superb. I just want to thank you. While in the restaurant, I was telling my wife that this is the first time that we have been thanked and recognized and I started to choke up. Thank you again…