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On the Road with Mike DelVisco

Mar 17, 2017
Last week I had the opportunity to be involved with a very special event with the Erie Sport and Travel Expo in Erie, PA for their pre-show kids fishing derby. Contestants were selected from a local radio station contest and also from a legendary kids coloring contest put on by the Texas Roadhouse in Erie. 

I was in charge of judging. Texas Roadhouse was represented at the derby by 4 avid young anglers! All of the participants received free passes for the show, including their families and some great fishing prizes. The grand prize winner won a Pirate Cruise on Lake Erie. Now, that's a neat prize!

As the show opened attendees were presented with a Texas Roadhouse free kids meal and an appetizer coupon. This was certainly one of the many highlights so far this year while on the road! 



Until next time...